Exhibitions program

Otakaari 1X, Beta Space, Learning Center, Media Wall, Interventions



Artist Adriene Jenik performs CLIMATE FUTURE READINGS with her ECOtarot deck

Adriene Jenik

Utilizing a customized deck of ECOtarot cards, Jenik offers free “climate future readings” in public settings to catalyze a series of intimate speculative dialogues. The cards of the ECOtarot deck update standard archetypes and interpretations from the original “tarocchi” to reflect contemporary actors, values and symbols from our climate drama. The ECOtarot deck’s beauty and power is derived from the use of handmade, plant-based paper (agave and recycled cotton and linen), and hand-painted natural pigments.

Adriene Jenik is an artist and educator who resides in the desert. Her computer and media art spans three decades and includes pioneering work in interactive cinema and live telematic performance. These works combine “high” technology and human desire to propose new forms of literature, cinema, and performance. Her current creative research emerges from her engagement with the desert – its ecology, histories (indigenous, military, outsider) and mythologies. She is currently Professor of intermedia, affiliate faculty in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and a sustainability scientist with the Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU.

zNAP – A Nap happening

Anne Glassner & Bartaku
Otakaari 1X, Beta Space, continuous

In the zNap happening, conference participants are invited to explore the poetic properties of a nap. When a Nap-urge is sensed, they are welcomed in beta SPACE for a nap. The zNap protocol includes a.o. nano-, micro-, caffeine-, SDali-, and pata- naps. A nap is form of polyphasic sleep: during the nap state, the mind is “fluid and hyper-associative”, giving rise to images that can express layers of memories and sensations. zNap is inspired by the interest in unconsciousness processes.

Anne Glassner – °1984 (AUS). Vienna, Austria is a Vienna (AUS) based visual and performance artist and she mostly works with interventions in public space, performance, installation, video and drawing. Inspired by daily life situations her work is often process based. Recently she started researching the subject of sleep in general and the subject of lucid dreaming in particular. www.anneglassner.at

Bartaku – °1970 (BE). Helsinki, Finland is an artist and researcher with a background in Social Sciences (Lic.). As a Doctoral student at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Fin) he investigates the deepening of the entanglement with the Aronia m. berry.

The Long Sleepers

Jenny Perlin
Otakaari 1X

The Long Sleepers is the record of a performance film: a live voice-over set to film projection. The project traces, in personal and literary explorations, the stories of people who fall asleep in caverns or underground spaces for decades or centuries, only to awaken into a changed world. Long sleepers are often rendered as innocent prophets born into the wrong time. Their wisdom can only be accessed once they sink into a suspended state and are later revived. Eventually they are called into narrative service as the visionaries, the fools, the innocents, the useless, the misunderstood. In labor markets they are unproductive, inefficient, lazy, but always good-natured. The Long Sleepers is a long-term artist project involving 16mm film, video, performance, and drawings.

Appearance of the Jeweled Lotus

Daphne Artur
Otakaari 1X

Appearance of the Jeweled Lotus is a 137”x112” floor installation of the world map created by one thousand handmade polymer clay flowers. 1000 Sculpted Flowers will be given away to audience members as a gift in total during an Intervention at the conference.

I am a contemporary multimedia artist of Venezuelan, Trinidadian, Andean and Portuguese descent. My work explores unauthorized migration, criminal justice, the aftermath of development, and transnational political imaginaries in South America, North America and the Caribbean.

A Dream That Came True?

Sepideh Rahaa
Otakaari 1X

A Dream That Came True? focuses on the reality of life of female individuals from Middle-East who have migrated to Finland a decade ago. My highest objective is to increase social awareness and to tackle existing stereotypical models or perceptions based on culture, gender and race which leads to discrimination and undermining minorities in our society. Video series “A Dream That Came True?” intends to go beyond the existing stereotypical perceptions based on gender or culture and to tackle it. This project is an attempt to create a dialogue between people in the society regarding the critical issues existing in it, and by exploring the possibilities of going beyond the boundaries which are caused by one’s own culture, or sociopolitical structure of the place she lives. These series of work reflect on life of people who cross the border between the traditional and postmodern type of life. This project portrays reality of life and resistance from perspective of women and girls who have experienced concept of migration and living in Finland, and it aims to portray different life experiences of individuals with a poetic context.

Sepideh Rahaa (1981, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. In her artistic practice, body, its transformation and performativity through time and spaces are significant elements of her work. The creation of spaces for artistic encounters and discussion is part of her practice. Her works has been exhibited in Asia, West Asia and in Europe. Rahaa holds a BA in painting and visual arts, MA in art and research from Shahed University in Tehran and MA in Fine Arts and contemporary art at Aalto University. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral studies in contemporary art at Aalto University investigating concept of identity and its hybridity with the emphasis on how female body becomes politicized.

The Laboratory of Presence

Riikka Latva-Somppi and Kristoffer
Wed 11:00, Otakaari 1X (in and around, TBA)

The Laboratory of Presence examines the social relationship of a human and a horse. Multi-sensorial artefacts as well as a live performance are shared as results of an ongoing artistic experimentation. The horse contributes to the process by non-forced actions of its daily living allowing a human observation and contact. A strong consideration for ethics in working with the animal is fundamental for the project. I have strived to open all my senses allowing the process to happen in a shared state of being with the horse. I therefore claim that Kristoffer is more the subject, co-maker, of the work than the object.

Riikka Latva-Somppi (born 1969) is an artist (MA), curator and educator (Aalto University). Her public art work Satakieli/Nightingale was awarded The Certificate of Environmental Art 2009 and her latest public art work in Tikkurila, Vantaa has gained special recognition in the twice awarded city-planning. Her partner in project is Finnhorse Kristoffer (2000). Kristoffer has, before his artistic collaboration, only shown in traditional equine events such as colt shows, show jumping-, dressage- and mounted archery competitions.

Rainy Day in Rekdal

Annette Arlander
Learning Center, Media Wall

The video shown as part of this presentation is an attempt to share a moment with a plant. Performing for camera with a small downy birch on the shore in Rekdal, Lofoten, on 19 July 2017 as a try-out for the performance the following day, resulted in the video Rainy Day in Rekdal (With a Downy Birch) (15 min. 20 sec.), where the rain unexpectedly becomes the main player. The work is part of an ongoing artistic research project called Performing with Plants, documented here: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/316550/316551

Annette Arlander, DA, MA, is an artist, researcher and pedagogue. She was professor of performance art and theory at Theatre Academy Helsinki (2001-2013), professor of artistic research at University of the Arts Helsinki (2015-2016), postdoctoral fellow at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2017), and is now professor at Stockholm University of the Arts (2018-2019). Her research involves artistic research, performance-as-research, plants and the environment. Her artwork moves between performance art, media and environmental art.
See https://annettearlander.com