Workshops Program (Thursday)

Thu, Otakaari 1X (A235), outdoors

13:00 Dance for Plants Workshop
13:00 Ajauksia group: ”Jälkiä maisemassa ja maiseman jälki – Marks in the view and a trace of the landscape” (The experiental sense exercise)


Dance for Plants Workshop

Blåbær, Jean Roux, Stella Faelli
Thu 13:00, Otakaari 1X (A235)

We are inviting the participants to move and let themselves being moved by one-another stories, one-another leaves, one-another bodies, one-another dances and one-another knowledges and practices. We will share some of our tools and methodologies to dance-for and become-with, providing time and space to collectively weave our more-than-human breaths, magics, memories, gifts and fictions. Open to everyone!

We are a group of eleven international artists and one dog. We tell and listen, harvest, sow and grow all kinds of plant-stories. Conspiring with plants, scholars, witches, gardeners, and many other human and nonhuman people, we foment a weaving of knowledges and practices in order to become capable of dancing for. More info on

”Jälkiä maisemassa ja maiseman jälki – Marks in the view and a trace of the landscape” (The experiental sense exercise)

Ajauksia group
Thu 13:00, Outdoors, first meet at the reception in Otakaari 1X

We will suggest a variety of different angles to experience a place and to approach body energy. What is body energyand how is it generated? What does a swing, opening, bounding, sediment, sensation of experience produce? During this excursion, we visit places that we almost never go to in our everyday lives. We will explore the places that have become isolated blind spots as the city has changed: special features of urban nature, the built environment, and the identities of The Aalto University district. We will feel our surroundings, examining ways to experience the urban environment. What does the encountering between two or more subjects, between subject and object produce? What is the importance of corporeality (embodiment)? What will happen when the spoken language is excluded, and to what position does the language of corpus settle down in these situations?

The collective authorship is always shared and it refers to collectively produced content, when      the content serves as a starting point for an authorship. The content of an action cannot be owned, nor can we set a price tag on it. It cannot be objectified, it eludes the mechanisms of the market economy, it states its own stand (politics) and commits to shared principles. When because collective authorship is shared, we are left with a content, a socially critical and reflexive act, experienced and lived in the present moment. It is political. (Heikinaho 2014)

Ajauksia-group’s working is based on an equal decision making and anonymity. Collective working method is based on bodily and sensory exercises. The proposals suggest opportunities to create and gather experimental knowledge related to environment – nature and human subjects. We will share our personal experiences together during and after the exercise.