Gaia Workshop Pete Webb

Gaia Workshop

13:00 – 16:00, MOVING TOUR (OUTSIDE)
workshop starts from conference reception (ground floor lobby, Otakaari 1X)

Pete Webb will lead participants in an series of simple activities within natural settings that proposes a reconnection with Nature via contact within the self and with others in the group through direct senses. Through these activities the group can quickly regain their capacity to perceive themselves as being integrated and not separated, as powerful and inspired together, where each holds part of the solution. Natural eco-systems are interwoven with such examples and dynamics, that are non-rational and best accessible through our senses. We have inherited these patterns and are made of them, only we have learnt that our brains are more important than our sensitivity. By learning to accept ourselves through the direct messages received within our senses, we can learn to embrace, embody, channel and direct our abilities within the world.


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Pete Webb, born in Australia, recently spent 14 years living in an isolated and forested area in the mountains of South East Brazil until moving to the metropolis of Sao Paulo where he currently works. Webb’s life has been a collection of formal and informal experiences that have deepened his understanding of the interconnections between the outer and inner worlds that touch us all. Webb has a background in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and psychology and has worked over the past 20 years with social-environment. His current work with Gaia Education and Schumacher college, involves teaching Agro-Forestry and Permaculture, with a more sensorial approach than the customary technical format, and developing activities in eco-psychology with his wife.