Friday 27.4.

09:30-12:00, Otakaari 1X (A235)

Elina Hytönen

Teacher, author and therapist of Chinese medicine, Finland

Elina Hytönen, MA, journalist, translator, Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist since 1983; Writer: 2 textbooks in TCM, memoire of a family during the 2nd World War in Finland, a book on low wage women, a book on the silenced side of vaccinations, articles in 6 books about TCM and other topics, articles in journals and blog; teacher and lecturer in TCM.

Tiina Seppälä

Senior Researcher, University of Lapland, Finland

Dr. Tiina Seppälä holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Lapland. Her PhD thesis (2010) dealt with the anti-war movement and theories of global resistance.
Seppälä is one of the three co-founders of the research collective Bordering Actors(2014). She is interested in resistance, activism, social movements, development, displacement, forced migration, ethnography, politics of knowledge, decolonization, postcolonial and subaltern studies, feminist and queer theory, engaged scholarship, prefigurative epistemologies and collaborative research methodologies. In her recent work, she has focused on feminization of resistance, decolonial feminist solidarity and co-production of knowledge together with research participants.
Seppälä has engaged with anti-war and peace movements in Europe, anti-land grabbing and anti-eviction movements in India, and slum activist and women’s rights movements in Nepal and Bangladesh. She has worked as visiting research fellow at Calcutta Research Group in Kolkata, India, and Nepal Institute of Peace in Kathmandu. She is affiliated with Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit based at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Seppälä’s research project Governance, Resistance and Neoliberal Development: Struggles against Development-Induced Displacement and Forced Evictions in South Asia was funded by the Academy of Finland (2013 – 2016). Currently, she works as senior researcher in the Service Design Research Group at the Faculty of Art and Design.

Pete Webb

Gaia Educator, Farmer of Agro-Forestry and Permaculture

Pete Webb, born in Australia, recently spent 14 years living in an isolated and forested area in the mountains of South East Brazil until moving to the metropolis of Sao Paulo where he currently works. Webb’s life has been a collection of formal and informal experiences that have deepened his understanding of the interconnections between the outer and inner worlds that touch us all. Webb has a background in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and psychology and has worked over the past 20 years with social-environment. His current work with Gaia Education and Schumacher college, involves teaching Agro-Forestry and Permaculture, with a more sensorial approach than the customary technical format, and developing activities in eco-psychology with his wife