Panels Program (Wednesday)

Wed, Learning Centre, Juho

13:00 The Unstable Roundtable
15:00 ‘Frontiers in Retreat’: Cosmopolitical Eco-Poetics in the North


The Unstable Roundtable

Wed 13:00-14:40
Learning Centre, Juho

Dr Dorita Hannah, Adjunct Professor Aalto ARTS , UTAS and University of Auckland
DA Susanna Helke, Professor in Film Research at Aalto ARTS ELO
DA Liisa Ikonen, Professor in Design for the Performing Arts at Aalto ARTS ELO
DA Harri Laakso, Professor in Visual Culture and Art at Aalto ARTS Dept ofArt/UWAS
DA Maiju Loukola, Postdoctoral researcher Aalto ARTS ELO
Dr Gabi Schillig, Professor UdK Berlin

The Unstable Roundtable is a performative panel and an installation in which radical dialogues take place. It adapts to various performative tactics in order to test agonistic engagement and discussion through the notion of a ‘sympotic’ site. The Unstable Roundtable discussion celebrates the idea of a ‘shared disagreement’, while it is also challenged and tested. Each participant brings to the table a topic from their ongoing artistic research. They may use a variety of performative debate tactics while taking the course of discussion into perhaps unexpected directions.

The Unstable Roundtable group emerges from the research-in-arts Academy of Finland project “The Floating Peripheries – mediating the sense of place” (2017–2021). The research group has invited artist-researchers also outside of its core members to participate their supra-ordinary round table session presented in the Radical Relevances conference.
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‘Frontiers in Retreat’: Cosmopolitical Eco-Poetics in the North

Wed 15:00-16:40
Learning Centre, Juho

Taru Elfving, PhD, independent curatorial researcher / Frame Contemporary Art Finland
Hanna Husberg, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
mirko nikolić, PhD
Bartaku, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki

What are the methodologies of approaching ‘frontier’ sites, not as untouched or ‘wild’ terrain waiting to be colonized, but as zones of contact and transition? How can artists work within these remote locations and contribute to complex co-dependencies between human and other life forms? The panel presents our artistic and curatorial practices and discusses the shared commitment to emergent cosmopolitics, being attentive to all those affected and involved – also, and especially, agencies that are beyond the human.

Through a focus on air Hanna Husberg’s work investigates ways of perceiving, relating to, and imagining the environment in times of anthropogenic climate change.

mirko nikolić works on counter-extractivist ontopolytics, and unlearning of anthropocentric & capitalist survival ideologies.

Bartaku-works explore light, energy, plants, humans and their relationality, fused by worldviews that embrace the fluidity of the understanding of life.

Taru Elfving’s curatorial research focuses on transdisciplinary and site‐sensitive artistic investigations at the intersections of ecology and feminism.