Workshops Program (Wednesday)

Wed, Otakaari 1X

11:00 Charlotta Lynch & Annika Varjonen: Hope nursery – creating influence via insight
11:00 Karoline Pöggel: A Mindful Menu – Guided Meditation around Food
11:00 Riikka Latva-Somppi and Kristoffer: The Laboratory of Presence
15:00-17:00 Word Sound Power: Blood Earth


Hope nursery – creating influence via insight

Charlotta Lynch (presenter, co-creator)
Annika Varjonen (co-creator)
Wed 11:00, Otakaari 1X (A235)

How do we facilitate an emotional and practical experience of relevance in other people? How do we help them to experience their impact and influence on the world in a constructive and positive way? How do we nurse hope and brilliant new ideas, which all humans are inherently capable of and which we so badly need today?

Charlotta Lynch is a coach, teacher and writer from Southern Finland. Charlotta’s field of interest has since childhood been around language, the human mind and transformative change. Charlotta had a full-time practice as an alternative therapist in Helsinki 2005-2018. From 2011, her work has increasingly shifted towards coaching and mental training for individuals and businesses based on the so called Three Principles practical philosophical understanding as taught by the late Sydney Banks, of how experience is created in humans via the principle of thought.

Annika Varjonen began her career as a strategy visualiser in 1996 with a question: how come organisations spend millions in advertising, openly admitting that they are speaking to the emotions and subconscious of the consumers, but resort to using dull powerpoints and dense documents to communicate to their own employees? This led her to wonder: what if, instead of just the traditionally accepted organisational communication methods, organisations started talking to their employees in a more engaging and human way, using pictures and stories? What if we aimed to build platforms for insights and dialogue rather than directive one-way communication instruments? Before establishing Visual Impact Helsinki Ltd in 1996, she studied Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design and worked at Writers’ Studio as an advertising copywriter/art director. In 2000-2002, she worked as a change management consultant at Accenture. Through her work in Visual Impact, she has had the opportunity to learn strategy and business from the top industry leaders, facilitation from the masters of the art, and develop her thinking with thought leaders of different disciplines, both internationally and in Finland. Annika is inspired by complex issues and loves to travel on tangents.

A Mindful Menu – Guided Meditation around Food

Karoline Pöggel
Wed 11:00, Otakaari 1X (A225)

A meditative setting grounds participants in the present moment and creates a higher awareness for foodstuff, the way we eat, as well as the processes of planting, harvesting, and processing. The experience of food through one´s senses let the participants create a closer connection to the essence of human existence and realize the value of quality in food. With a meaningful connection to the processes around food, foodstuff itself, but also the way we eat and consume the individual´s responsibility will be highlighted, aiming for a more sustainable consumption.

Karoline is a Ph.D. researcher in the project “Processes for Sustainability Transformation” located at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Her project “From the Niche Cuisine to Mainstream Kitchen? – A Communication and Identity Perspective on Local Food Systems” focuses on group processes of local food initiatives and is grounded in the tenet “Food creates Identity”. Karoline’s background is in Environmental Communication and her main research interest is in “Good Food”, communication of sustainability and in gender issues. Combining these interests, she explores alternative ways of communicating science and sustainability.

The Laboratory of Presence

Riikka Latva-Somppi and Kristoffer
Wed 11:00, Otakaari 1X (garden outside first floor lobby)

The Laboratory of Presence examines the social relationship of a human and a horse. Multi-sensorial artefacts as well as a live performance are shared as results of an ongoing artistic experimentation. The horse contributes to the process by non-forced actions of its daily living allowing a human observation and contact. A strong consideration for ethics in working with the animal is fundamental for the project. I have strived to open all my senses allowing the process to happen in a shared state of being with the horse. I therefore claim that Kristoffer is more the subject, co-maker, of the work than the object.

Riikka Latva-Somppi (born 1969) is an artist (MA), curator and educator (Aalto University). Her public art work Satakieli/Nightingale was awarded The Certificate of Environmental Art 2009 and her latest public art work in Tikkurila, Vantaa has gained special recognition in the twice awarded city-planning. Her partner in project is Finnhorse Kristoffer (2000). Kristoffer has, before his artistic collaboration, only shown in traditional equine events such as colt shows, show jumping-, dressage- and mounted archery competitions.

Blood Earth

Chris McGuinness, Music Producer
Kush Badhwar, Filmmaker
Taru Dalmia (aka Delhi Sultanate), Vocalist
Wed 15:00-17:00, Otakaari 1X, A1

Word Sound Power will perform music from its album Blood Earth, a collaboration with local artists from Kucheipadar, Odisha. Kucheipadar is a village in the east of India that has been the subject of violent conflict between indigenous groups, multinational mining companies, and the Indian government.

Word Sound Power is a collective, composed of vocalist Delhi Sultanate, music producer Chris McGuinness and filmmaker Kush Badhwar, that undertakes multi-media collaborations with South Asian artists who use music for social justice. Word Sound Power has carried out projects in Punjab, Odisha, and Telangana, India culminating in original music and video as well as performance and pedagogy.