Without Prey (performance)

Anna Matveinen
Wed, 17:00, Otakaari 1X (A235)

This performance is an attempt to use the words of Mateli Kuivalatar.
The thought process in preparing was an exploration of a sequence where to find things that can heal, things in past worth harvesting and conserving. There I try to reach some resonating, invigorating properties.
I am also in process fitting all mediums of work together and continuing a process of “determination of singular, subjective symbolic value system”. The objective of this performance is not to be visual but more sensory and examining the relation between space, audience, and performer.

Anna Matveinen was born and raised in deep rural Finland, in the village of Mutalahti.
She draws from this singular past and atmosphere and filters them creating large concepts and thematic bodies of work. She is multidisciplinary artist switching between techniques and approaches in formulation processes.
Her primary mediums are installation and performance. In her installation, she combines with virtuosity drawing, painting, sculpting and found objects.
Half of her artistic endeavors happen in collaboration with colleagues. This is also an ideological choice.
Her other primary medium of work is performance, mainly working in the realm of runonlaulu, a Finnish oral of his- tory and storytelling while combining it with more contemporary performative elements and technology. Currently, she has been working on two concurrent artistic processes which include creating a subjective language of symbolic signifiers within her index of works. The other is a loop based, writing tool to formulate the process and on the side becoming a piece in its’ self.